AALA Journal No.15

20th Anniversary Issue

Special Feature: 20th Anniversary Forum―“Asian American Literature Imagining Planetary Space”
Poster, Program & Photos
Opening Speech by President (UEKI Teruyo)
<Keynote Lecture> Birth of an Undiscipline: Trickstering Origins Folding Time (Karen Tei Yamashita)
<Response to Prof. Yamashita’s Keynote Lecture> Traveling through Literatures: Internationalizing and Postcolonializing Asian American Literature-Reading Karen Tei Yamashita’s Works (NAKAMURA Rika)
<A Latin American Perspective> “Tradition, Transformation and Transnationalization of Haiku in Brazilian Literature and Culture” (Zélia Bora)
<International Symposium: “The Planetary Expanse Beyond National Boundaries in Literature”>
・Trans-ethnic, Post-hemispheric: From Faulkner to Yamashita (TATSUMI Takayuki)
・We Belong to the Planet Now: The Compass of Asian American Texts (A. Robert Lee)
・Doing Literary and Cultural Studies Transnationally (Yu-cheng Lee)
・Palm Trees and Sky: Asian American Literature and Planetarity (Gayle K. Sato)
<Comments on the Symposium> (Karen Tei Yamashita)

・Overwriting the Globe in the Works of Karen Tei Yamashita (Vivian Fumiko Chin)
・Min Jin Lee’s Free Food for Millionaires: The Legacy of Willed Homelessness (Paul D. McGrath)
・Japanese-Canadian Identity and the Function of Magical Realism in Hiromi Goto’s The Kappa Child (Gordon Gamlin)

Book Reviews
・Sherry Simon, Translating Montreal: Episodes in the Life of a Divided City (YAMADE Yuko)
・Standing Between: Lois-Ann Yamanaka’s Behold the Many (MAKINO Rie)
・Kyoko Mori, Yarn (KOSAKA Eliko)
・Jhumpa Lahiri, Unaccustomed Earth (LU Jun)

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